Is Swindon Getting A New Casino?

By Staff Reporter - 2 January 2020

Clubs & Activities

With rumours growing about a supposed casino being built in Swindon let’s look at what a casino will mean for our town and whether we really need one.

Swindon has a lot to offer visitors and inhabitants. The town is a perfect mix of rural setting with modern amenities. Located in the beautiful backdrop of Wiltshire and its rolling hills, the town is still within commuting distance from London and has great transport links around the UK.

If you’re looking for a night out in Swindon, there’s plenty of options available. Swindon is full of cocktail lounges, gin bars and other nightlife hotspots such as Suju, Casbah Entertainments and Rudi’s Bar.

If you’re out for a quieter evening there are also plenty of great pubs, restaurants offering lots of different cuisine options and places offering the best traditional ales. The Carter’s Rest and Hop Inn both offer great selections of craft beer and local ales. Restaurants like Los Gatos, Smile Thai Café and the Greek Olive offer great food and welcoming atmospheres.

How Likely is it We’ll Get a Casino?

Still though, if you want to enjoy a night of gambling fun in Swindon, right now there’s only the Buzz Bingo and slots room. Whilst you might get your fix here on their fun to play slot games if you’re looking for a more classic casino experience you’d have to travel further afield.

Currently, there are around 140 casinos around the UK, with 25 of these based in London. Although towns and cities such as Bournemouth, Bristol, Southampton and Reading all have casinos, Swindon is still without. In 2011, Swindon council states that they would be open to a casino being built in our town, however, whilst the law remains the same, it most likely won’t happen. The 2005 Gambling Act has made it difficult for new casinos to be built and right now, this looks to be the only thing stopping a casino opening in Swindon.

Online Casinos

Although we may be waiting some time for a casino to be built in our town, that won’t stop us from enjoying a fantastic casino experience in our own homes. Thanks to the increase in popularity of online casinos, more sites than ever are now operating and legally licenced in the UK. If you want to enjoy the very best casino games such as Poker, Blackjack, Roulette and more you can thanks to online casinos.

Most online casinos now even host live versions of classic casino games which help to give you a more authentic casino experience. In live versions of casino games such as Blackjack, you’ll play against a live dealer, just like in a real casino!

Finding the best online casino amongst the hundreds online can be difficult. If you want to find the best online casino for you, betterplay compares UK gambling sites. They evaluate each site based on game selection, ease of use and bonuses to help you discover the best site for you.

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