Why sports movies get you in the mood for fitness

By Kieran Hadfield - 15 September 2020


Ever had the glitz and glam of the big screen motivate you to mirror the actions of the characters? For sport movies, this may mean getting into a fitness mood. This article will explore 3 potential reasons why this happens.

  • The infographic was created by Betway

    The infographic was created by Betway

The infographic was created by Betway

Firstly, I'm not trying to say that the media brainwash us into doing their bidding, far from it. That idea is grossly outdated and rejected by scholars. However, what I am trying to say is that elements within films do resonate with us and do inspire us to do certain things. Within sport movies, these elements often result in audience members getting into a fitness mood. Here are three factors in my opinion that play a part. 


Seeing events on the big screen that heavily mirror reality, specifically your reality, often transpire in resonation. This means that when you watch a sports film that shows the sport you play, the decisions of the game, the rules, the pitch etc, the realisitic nature of the film leads you to wanting to take part in the sport in real life (or at least put a bet on it if you don't want to take part yourself!). 

The Protagonist's journey

Another aspect of a sports film that audiences relate to is the protagonist's journey. Often filled with lots of ups and downs, audiences see the similarities in their own fitness endeavours and feel that the perservance of the character means they should do the same. 

The happy ending

Yet above all, I believe that the character's success at the end of the film, in which they are rewarded their prize is the biggest motivator for audiences to then going out and exercising. Humans are now becoming more and more impatient, focusing on short-term, immediate rewards and so in watching the happy ending of sport films, they believe if they then go out and do exercise, they'll instantly get that reward that the hero worked hard for. 





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