Studley Grange Butterfly World & Farm Park welcomes new arrivals


Studley Grange Butterfly World & Farm Park have stepped in to provide a home for two abandoned donkeys.

Staff at Studley Grange offered to help out colleagues at The Donkey Sanctuary in Devon – and after taking a care in donkey care and preparing a suitable paddock, they have taken delivery of two new charges.

Matrix, a seven year old donkey was found in an animal shelter and Rabbit, another donkey, who is three, was found wandering the streets.

Staff at Studley Grange were keen to provide a home for these donkeys, but as education is an important part of the attraction’s remit, it was essential that staff understood why these donkeys needed re-homing.

Ireland has a strong agricultural history and part of that history has been the use of equine animals, including donkeys for agricultural work on farms, ploughing, pulling carts and removing turf from bogs. The donkeys have always been hard working animals that for many farmers where a more accessible and cheaper version of tractors and other agricultural machinery.

As time moved on and agricultural machinery became common place on farms, donkeys were used and although a number were kept in order to qualify for a government subsidy; a payment made to land owners who kept a donkey on their land. The payment did not cover the real cost of keeping the donkey.

The circumstances mentioned above have had a negative effect on donkeys in Ireland, resulting in an increase of abandoned donkeys, all of which need a loving home. Luckily the Donkey Sanctuary has stepped in to help as much as they can, by regularly collecting abandoned donkeys from Ireland and bringing them to England, to give them a better life and a new home.

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