The evolution of jobs through the ages

By Jamie Hill - 20 June 2018


It's funny how the world changes isn't it? Keeping up in this ever changing world that we live in has never been harder as  technology moves on at a startling pace. And if there's one thing that reflects these changes more than most it's the changing nature of job titles. So for every now defunct fax machine repairman you get a social media executive. Whoever said a job was for life? Back in Medieval times an atilliator, who made crossbows, was a pretty sought after role but there's not much call for it nowadays. During the industrial revolution a job that you don't see much around anymore was the 'Match Girl' which involved standing around all day cutting wood and putting the ends on to make matches.

Jobs have been evolving for years and in the last few decades there are now jobs that were popular back then that would certainly get a few bemused looks nowadays from anyone born after 2000.

Hiscox, the international specialist insurer, has put together an infographic about the evolution of job titles and it's a very humorous and interesting read if I do say so myself even looking at what some future job titles could be.

Key titles include:

·         A Take That Counsellor was a job in 1996: the government came up with a counselling helpline to respond to teenagers’ threat of suicide after the boyband broke up

·         Remember Video Store Clerks? In 2004 Dixons became the first company to stop selling VHS players

·         Future jobs? Research shows that after 2020 an Extinction Revivalist will exist to bring back long-gone animals using fossilised DNA to help regulate our ecosystems

To see the whole infographic press here



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