Westlea Fire Station receives some little helping hands from Meadowpark School

By Claire Dukes - 13 March 2018


Meadowpark School's Reception class paid an action-packed visit to Westlea Fire Station.

The fire department gave the children a tour of Westlea Fire Station whilst also teaching the youngsters lessons in fire safety. A spokesperson for Cricklade's Meadowpark, Melissa Spagnoli, said: "What began as new fireman and officer accessories in the reception classroom at Meadowpark School in Cricklade, led to a visit to the Westlea Fire Station. "The pupils spent time talking about these heroic professions and when teacher, Bev Millin, learnt that a Teaching Assistant had a relative at a local fire station, Mrs Millin made the arrangements and took her pupils for a visit to see real firemen.

Meadowpark School's Reception Class at Westlea Fire Station

"Once at the Westlea Fire Station, the children spent time being taught about fire safety and how to stay safe in dangerous situations. The Westlea firemen gave the pupils an opportunity to use the fire hose, practise responding if they see a fire, and sit in the fire truck.

"Mrs Millin said that all the children now want to be fire fighters after such an exciting day of using the fire hose and exploring the fire truck (and learning about fire safety, of course)."

Mrs Millan added: "When we returned to the classroom, it was fantastic to see how the children worked together to put out imaginary fires and rescue each other. They really loved the visit."

For further information about Meadowpark School and Nursery, visit www.meadowparkschool.co.uk 

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