2006: Sculpture unveiled to mark merger of two West Swindon primary schools

By Roger Ogle - 14 January 2019

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Children come up with ideas of Confluence

Shaw Ridge headteacher Sally Cowell with children from both primary schools and Confluence

After a process of public consultation by Swindon Council in 2005, in response to government criticism that there were too many school places in the area, the closure of Salt Way Primary School took place in July 2006 with children transferring to Shaw Ridge Primary School in September that year.

In the run up to the closure, artist Gordon Dickinson was commissioned to work with children from both schools to create a coming-together sculpture called Confluence. The work was unveiled at Salt Way at the beginning of the summer term - main picture. It was moved to Shaw Ridge Primary School during the holidays in time for the new term.

Headteacher Sally Cowell is pictured with pupils from both schools and the relocated art piece. Three years later, Confluence was relocated to a position outside the new Shaw Ridge Primary which was rebuilt on the adjacent site in 2009.

• Learn about the eight public sculptures, including Confluence, and a stained glass window which are located in different parts of West Swindon www.bit.ly/westswindonart

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