Friends cycle to Paris for new Swindon charity

By Amanda Wilkins - 21 May 2024

  • Carl McCulloch, Jeff Tucker and Ian Rumbold

    Carl McCulloch, Jeff Tucker and Ian Rumbold

A group of local businessmen are set to embark on an extraordinary adventure to raise money for Best Mates-We Got Ya, a new Swindon charity.

Founded in November last year, Best Mates - We Got Ya, is a charity dedicated to providing support to individuals facing some of life’s toughest challenges. Whether it is addressing mental health issues, seeking employment opportunities, battling addiction, or coping with illness, the charity offers a supportive presence—a best mate to lean on during trying times.

Local businessmen Carl McCulloch, Jeff Tucker and Ian Rumbold, along with fifteen friends, are set to embark on an extraordinary adventure to raise funds for the commendable cause.

On 18th June, they will begin the Tower to Tower Challenge, a four-day cycling expedition from the historic Tower of London to the iconic Eiffel Tower in Paris. Their journey aims to raise vital funds for their charity, Best Mates - We Got Ya.

Jeff Tucker, speaking on behalf of the team, said:  "We believe that everyone deserves a best mate to turn to when life gets tough. Through our Tower to Tower Challenge, we aim to not only raise funds but also raise awareness for mental health and other crucial issues that our charity addresses."

The Tower to Tower Challenge symbolises resilience, determination, and solidarity. As these intrepid cyclists pedal across two countries, they are not just covering distance; they are bridging gaps and breaking down barriers surrounding mental health and well-being.

The journey will be challenging, but with each pedal stroke, Carl, Jeff, Ian, and their companions remind us all that with the support of a best mate, any obstacle can be overcome.

Their efforts extend an invitation to the community: join them in supporting Best Mates - We Got Ya. Whether through donations, spreading awareness, or simply offering a listening ear to those in need, everyone can contribute to building a world where no one feels alone in their struggles.

For more information, donations, or to follow the journey, please visit Best Mates - We Got Ya.




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