Cheer Derrick on as he runs a West Swindon Half Marathon for Charity

By Jamie Hill - 12 May 2020


Derrick Gough will run a half marathon for SWA Swindon Domestic Abuse Support Service tomorrow.

On Wednesday, Derrick Gough will be running 13 miles to make a difference.

He’s fund raising on behalf of SWA Swindon Domestic Abuse Support Service who help male and female victims of domestic abuse.

With the current Coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdown there has been a staggering 80% rise in domestic violence cases and the demand for this service has rocketed; and with with its charity shop shut which was a source of income, funding to help those in need has become harder.

Derrick said: "I decided to fundraise for this charity after I heard that my old school friend Tracy Graham had been a victim of domestic abuse, and after seeing on the news the hike in domestic violence during Lockdown, I wanted to do something to help.

"My route around West Swindon will begin at home on Shipley Drive 9am on Wednesday. It would be a real boost if people looked out for me and cheered me on!

"My friend Tracy is now an Ambassador for SWA and domestic abuse campaigner. "SWA really helped me in my time of greatest need and darkest hour, after I had been a victim of horrific domestic abuse. Without them I would not be here today. It's only with their support, kindness, compassion and help that gave me the strength to leave my abusive relationship and keep me safe. SWA is a fantastic charity and I fully support Derricks fundraiser, so that others can get the help that I did"

To sponsor Derrick and to see the route press here

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