Greenbridge roundabout to be lit up to raise awareness of Huntington's Disease Association in May

By Jamie Hill - 12 April 2021


Greenbridge Roundabout will be lit up for the month of May to raise awareness of the Huntington’s Disease Association in their annual awareness campaign called Liteup4HD

This is thanks to the people at Affleck Electrical, a local contractor, based in the Oppenheimer Centre, in Swindon.

Roy Stovell, of the association's Wiltshire Branch, said: "We have had these amazing buildings lit up to support Huntington’s Disease Association -Spinnaker tower, Weymouth Pavillion, Althorp house, Seaburn lighthouse, Blackpool tower, Wyvern Theatre, Fullwell mill along with many others.

"Huntington’s disease is an illness caused by a faulty gene in your DNA (the biological ‘instructions’ you inherit which tell your cells what to do). If you have Huntington’s, it affects your body’s nervous system – the network of nerve tissues in the brain and spinal cord that co-ordinate your body’s activities.  Huntington’s can cause changes with movement, learning, thinking and emotions. Once symptoms begin, the disease gradually progresses, so living with it means having to adapt to change, taking one day at a time.

"Living with Huntington’s disease can be very challenging, both for the person and their family. Getting the right information and support is vital and that is the role of the Wiltshire branch. We have about 50 families in Wiltshire living with the devastating effects of HD. Our local Wiltshire branch of volunteers is there to support the people suffering with the disease and their families."

The local branch can be contacted @HDAWiltshire Branch, or through the national office on 0151 331 5444.


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