Swindon gym champions mental health with charity collaboration

By Barrie Hudson - 12 February 2024


Family-run Rise Fitness Studio in the heart of Kembrey Park has announced a collaboration with mental health and learning disability charity Phoenix Enterprises.

The team at the gym say everybody knows that exercise is good for the body but it’s easy to forget that it can boost mood, improve sleep, and help to deal with depression, anxiety and stress. 

Physical exercise has proven to be a powerful ally in combating mental health challenges. According to recent studies, regular physical activity can reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, enhance mood, and improve overall cognitive function. 

Rise Fitness Studio recognises the profound impact of fitness on mental wellbeing and is excited to contribute to the community's mental health through this partnership. 

Research indicates that people with learning disabilities don’t get enough exercise. Only nine percent of people with learning disabilities included in a recent systematic review had levels of physical activity that met the minimum recommended by guidelines. 

The Rise team say it is a sad fact that people with learning disabilities have poorer health and lower life expectancy, in a large part due to lower levels of physical activity. 

Tailored exercise programs can significantly improve physical health, motor skills and overall quality of life for people with learning disabilities.

Lindsey from Rise Fitness Studio said: “We are super excited to be working with the people from Phoenix. It’s important to us to create an environment that caters to individuals with learning and physical disabilities. 

"A 16-week aerobic exercise programme should result in significant improvements in a range of their health indicators, including body mass index (BMI) and blood pressure.”

Clare McDougall, CEO at Phoenix, said: “In Swindon 65 percwent of adults have excess weight, and this is the case with some of our staff and service users. 

"We’ve decided to tackle this head on. Lindsey has amazingly agreed to deliver these fitness sessions for our service users. The studio is so friendly and relaxed while being completely professional.”

Tom, who has been attending Phoenix for five years, said: “The instructors were lovely and very bubbly, they will help me to get fit. 

"Punching the punch bag made my mood better and I’m looking forward to next time.”

Rise Fitness Studio invites the Swindon community to join hands in supporting this initiative. By becoming a member or participating in their charity events, people not only invest in their own wellbeing but also contribute to a healthier and more inclusive Swindon.



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