Pupils celebrate end of term with sports, music and games

By Jessica Durston - 20 July 2021


Lawn Manor Academy students have been celebrating the end of school with a sports day, music festival and other activities.

The academy's pupils have been marking the end of term with two days of special events. 

The school says the two the festivities celebrated unrivalled talent within the school, as well as its values of excellence through independence and resilience in tackling challenges.

Marek Koza, Assistant Headteacher, said: “After a challenging year for all of our students, the sports day and festival have proved to be a great chance for them to relax in their bubbles and celebrate the achievements and excellence that we are so proud of at Lawn Manor Academy.

“This is the first year we’ve held an outdoor festival, although there have been concerts through our enrichment weeks too.  Having the chance to perform to a large audience like this, as well as in such prestigious places like the Cavern Club, helps our performers to become more professional and it takes them to another level which is reflected in their learning as it builds their desire to get better and better.”

Monday - 19 July - saw the school take part in a sports day event with activities accessible for multiple skill levels. It consisted of a mix of traditional field events, such as 100m, 200m and 400m relay races, plus tug of war and dodgeball games, and ultimate frisbee.

Competing teams were awarded house points according to their position rankings and the school's Fitzroy house was awarded the prize for the most points. These points were added to the house's end of year total, and this meant Fitzroy won the overall competition for the year. 

Tuesday - 20 July - Lawn Manor Academy put on a music festival. The pupils listened to nine acts from the school's music and performing arts students.

This festival was an opportunity for the pupils to complete part of their GCSE music studies. The music course requires the students to perform as a solo artist or as part of a band. As well as playing at the school's end-of-term festival, the music and performing arts students had been taken to the Cavern Club in Liverpool and Abbey Road Studios in London, for a paying audience to see. 

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