Animals keep cool at Cotswold Wildlife Park

By Ben Fitzgerald - 26 July 2019


Keepers Cotswold Wildlife Park have been keeping their animals cool as the temperatures soar. Ring-tailed lemurs, tapirs and meerkats have been treated to ice and fruit to keep them hydrated and bring down their temperature. And the capybaras and penguins. have been taking a dip in the pools at the park.

Chris Kibbey, Section Head of Primates and Small Mammals at Cotswold Wildlife Park said: "As always, we ensure all animals have access to adequate shade and plenty of water but with the record temperatures recorded, we have to be a little inventive with our enrichment. The Lemurs enjoyed slices of watermelon and frozen fruit lollies hung in the Monkey Puzzle Tree. The Meerkats had some watermelon and Gomez and Lollie, the tapirs had some frozen pear and melon."

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