Londoners Are Moving To Swindon: Here's Everything To Consider Before Making The Move

By Swindon Link - 16 February 2024

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In recent times, a trend has emerged in the UK's property landscape: Londoners, long accustomed to the hustle and bustle of the capital, are increasingly seeking solace and affordability in Swindon.

This shift is largely driven by the desire to escape the soaring property prices that have come to define London's housing market. Not only that, but Swindon is becoming more attractive as the council continues to invest in the city centre.

As estate agents witness a significant uptick in the number of people from London settling into flats and houses around Swindon, it's clear that the borough is becoming a favoured destination for those looking for value that is hard to find in the capital.

The Migration Trend

A revealing study by Hamptons for Bricks & Mortar highlights this migration pattern, showing that nearly half of the new renters in some Swindon areas have come from London, propelled by rent increases that have surged by more than 10% in the past 12 months.

This statistic is not only a testament to the financial pressures faced by Londoners but also to the allure of Swindon's more accessible housing market.

Swindon, along with Trowbridge and Chippenham, ranks among the top 10 Wiltshire areas experiencing an influx of Londoners, with Marlborough also seeing significant interest, placed at 12th. This migration trend underscores the broader search for affordability and quality of life, far removed from the capital's skyrocketing rents and frenetic pace.

Considerations Before Making the Move

For Londoners contemplating a move to Swindon, there are several factors to consider:


While Swindon offers a more affordable housing market, it's important to research the cost of living comprehensively, including utilities, council tax, and transportation costs, to ensure it aligns with your financial planning.

Commute and Connectivity

For those still tied to London for work, understanding the commute options and costs is crucial. Swindon's connectivity to London via rail and road means that commuting is viable, but it's essential to consider how this fits with your lifestyle and budget.

Community and Lifestyle

Swindon boasts a rich history, cultural offerings, and access to beautiful countryside, providing a stark contrast to London's urban environment. Assessing what lifestyle changes this move might bring and how they align with your personal and family needs is key.

Home Maintenance and Upkeep

Transitioning to a new home in Swindon also means maintaining your property, particularly when it comes to older heating systems. Given the variety of homes available in Swindon, from modern flats to traditional houses, understanding the specifics of your home becomes essential. This is where the importance of having access to boiler spares comes into play. Local suppliers in Swindon may offer a wide range of parts that will help cater to various models and makes, ensuring that you can quickly address any heating system issues without the hassle.

Property Market

Engaging with local estate agents and conducting thorough research into Swindon's property market will give insights into the best areas to live in, the type of properties available, and the potential for future appreciation.

Local Amenities and Services

Investigating the availability and quality of local amenities, including schools, healthcare facilities, shops, and recreational activities, will help ensure that Swindon meets your needs and expectations.

Home Insurance Considerations

One crucial aspect often overlooked by prospective movers is the importance of securing comprehensive home insurance. As you transition from London to Swindon, understanding the nuances of home insurance policies in your new locality is paramount. Swindon’s more affordable property market does not only offer the benefit of lower housing costs but also the potential for favourable home insurance premiums. Investigating and comparing home insurance options ensures that your new home is protected against unforeseen events, providing peace of mind in your transition. 

The migration from London to Swindon reflects a broader trend of individuals and families seeking out a better quality of life outside the capital. However, this decision should not be taken lightly. It requires thorough research and consideration of how such a move aligns with one's lifestyle, career, and financial goals. Swindon, with its appealing blend of affordability, community, and connectivity, offers a compelling proposition for those looking to make a change, but it's essential to weigh all factors before taking the plunge.

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