More vital supplies sent from Swindon to Ukraine

By Barrie Hudson - 29 July 2022


A Swindon aid organisation is continuing to send vital supplies to war-torn Ukraine.

One of the more recent Swindon Humanitarian Aid Partnership trips involved a full load of 650 boxes of essential medical supplies donated by NHS outlets in Bath.

They were loaded by a team of 10 volunteers from Marlborough Golf Club.

Leading figures in the project included Taras Pavlyk, who works alongside Swindon Humanitarian Aid Partnership chair Mike Bowden.  

Many groups across the country are working collaboratively to supply humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

Taras Pavlyk, Mike Bowden and Mike's fellow Wroughton resident Cliff Barry, chair of Humanitarian Aid Fund Based in Great Britain - - have brought this project and other partners together to ensure goods can be delivered deep into Ukraine.

Mr Bowden said: "A key part of the success of this is arranging transport.  Cliff has a connection to Karol Swiacki the founder of Ukraine Relief based in Bournemouth,  

"When Karol heard of the project, he stepped in immediately with a transport solution. In just five days from the moment Taras advised of the donation of goods, the goods were on their way to the people of Ukraine." 

The goods were scheduled to be housed in Medyka in south-eastern Poland before being shipped to hospitals in Ukraine, completing the supply chain from Bath to Ukraine through the collaboration of the team across the country.

Cliff Barry, a businessman who has organised and personally driven numerous aid deliveries to Eastern Europe, said: “Just like my organisation I know The Swindon Humanitarian Aid Partnership ( SHAP) have been delivering huge amounts of aid to Ukraine .

"Mike Bowden and I have been in regular touch and we are both delighted to be working together to deliver around 650 boxes of much needed medical aid with the incredible support of Karol Swiacki of uk. 

"The local response and the response of our partners throughout the supply chain to the tragic events in Ukraine has been magnificent. How Mike has managed to pull together the team of people to load  the lorry is a testament to the people of Wiltshire."  

Mike Bowden added: “Cliff and I have been working towards solutions just like this for many months, we plan to work as collaboratively as possible along with other partners to find efficient humanitarian aid solutions to the Ukraine.  

"This is the first chapter in the partnership between the and SHAP. We are working on a number ofexciting projects that will provide additional support to Ukraine that will provide sustainable solutions for the people of Ukraine into the future.” 

Mr Bowden and Mr Barry are very grateful for the support they have received and ask that if anyone wishes to make donations of any kind or can help them in any way to assist the people of Ukraine that they should be contacted directly.  

The most needed  items are long-term food, pet food, baby care, ladies’ sanitary pads, toiletries, antiseptics and cleanings, wheelchairs, medicines, any medical equipment, first aid kits, disposable tableware, men's T-shirts and underwear, socks, bedding and towels.

Mr Barry can be contacted at and Mr Bowden at

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