Lower Shaw Farm expecting to be back in action

By Barrie Hudson - 19 March 2021

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Fans of Swindon's Lower Shaw Farm have been told it is expected to reopen in late June.

The much-loved arts, education, entertainment and spiritual venue outlined its plans in its latest newsletter, saying: "Things are looking better, aren’t they?  We certainly hope that all is as well as it can be where you are.

"Since Lower Shaw Farm is a place where people congregate in numbers, we take seriously the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, our responsibilities to Farm users, and the importance of heeding Government advice, whether or not it gets everything right.

"But LSF is missing people. It’s missing you!"

The newsletter reveals that the venue was hoping to reopen its doors this month, but was obliged to wait because of the pandemic.

"However," the newsletter adds, "the good news is that we do expect to be back in action from 21st June onwards."

In April, May and June, the farm will be able to offer weekend residential hire to family or bubble groups of up to six people. 

Events planned for later in the year include a Reconnect Weekend from Friday to Sunday, 30 July to 1 August, billed as a chance for people to chill out, reconnect with people they have missed, meet others they really should know and "...quite simply, have a nice time."

The newsletter concludes: "All is well here. We are grateful. We do hope it’s much the same where you are."

The farm's website is http://www.lowershawfarm.co.uk/


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