Are We Set for a Summer of Virtual Sports?

By Jamie Hill - 26 March 2020


The coronavirus pandemic is hitting the UK and the rest of the world hard and having a big impact on the sporting action that is taking place.

To get their fix, people are having to turn to many other things, although with much of the country staying at home during this time, options are limited.

Virtual sports are offering some consolation to those who are struggling without sport, and with plenty of inventive people out there, we could well see a summer full of virtual sporting events to keep us entertained.

It will come as no surprise to see bookmakers at the forefront of this, they have to create new events for people to bet on. However, due to the current situation we are seeing bigger and better events created.

These include a virtual football World Cup, multiple horse and dog racing events and even motorsport events, all created to help get us through this tough period.

What Virtual Sports Can You Expect to See?

Virtual sports have been around for many years, though they have really seen a rapid rise in popularity during this time of no sporting action.

Over the past decade and longer you have been able to go into a betting shop or log on to bet online and had the ability to bet and watch virtual racing and football.

It is likely many of those currently betting on virtual sports are newcomers because of the lack of real-life events. You can learn how to bet on virtual sports at if you would like to know more.

The longer that the coronavirus situation goes on, the more likely people are to turn to virtual sports. When we get to that stage, and there are many players watching and betting on them, you can expect the bookmakers to increase their service even further.

Will Real Sports Return?

Local fans of Swindon Town will certainly be hoping they do, with the club currently in a battle for promotion.

All eyes are on the Premier League, where Liverpool look set to dominate for years to come based on what we have seen. They are likely to decide whether promotion and relegation takes place, and how it is worked out.

That will have knock on effects all the way down to League Two, where Swindon are awaiting their fate.

Will this current season all be for nothing, or will Swindon be allowed to gain promotion if the season doesn’t see any more games played in it? With good form before the enforced break, the club will be hoping they are rewarded for it.

Will Football in England Return This Season?

The best guess is that it won’t. We have seen the European Championships cancelled, which frees time in the summer to complete the season if needed, but even that may not be enough.

Should football return, it will almost certainly be without fans watching, with the remaining games played behind closed doors.

That will affect things, and it will be interesting to see how players cope with this and if any teams rapidly improve or struggle because of it.

The most likely scenario is that the next competitive football games we see are those that kick off next season. It may be League One for Swindon, or they could have to do the hard work again in League Two.

Whatever the outcome, there will be clubs happy and those that aren’t. For now, the safety of people is paramount and football is not close to returning, although in the summer we could see it back in some form.

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