Who Will Win The Euro Championships 2020

By Jamie Hill - 9 March 2020


The Euro’s are rapidly approaching, which means the time to get your bets set and markets analyzed is right now!

Some people are already searching for William Hill promo code ahead of the event, showing the massive anticipation for this event. We are sure that the event will be a classic whatever happens, and we can’t wait for that first kick-off!

We are sure that the event will be a classic whatever happens, and we can’t wait for that first kick-off!

Betting sites like Promocodejackpot are already whipping out some top-tier markets ahead of the event, so you know that the anticipation is building up, even with major bookies in the UK. We are sure that the event will be a classic whatever happens, and we can’t wait for that first kick-off!

With all of this in mind, there is still a burning question that sports fans are discussing in-depth right now - who is going to emerge victorious for this event? Check out our predictions below.

Potential Kings of Europe

  1. England

If we made this prediction just a few years ago, we think that we’d run the risk of football fans thinking that we had gone crazy! However, Southgate has breathed new life into the young England team, as we saw first-hand at the World Cup. They are a fearless team, and although the players aren’t as good as they have been in the past, they seem to gel together much better as an overall unit. They are definitely in with a chance this year.

  1. France

Could the Kings of the world now become the Kings of Europe too? This is a very realistic possibility, and France is a team of absolute superstars right now. With players like Mbappe, Griezmann, and Pogba all on the side, they are going to be hard to beat - that’s for sure. Obviously, the confidence that they will carry over from the World Cup success will be a major boost for the team, and they are clearly capable of beating anyone on their day.

  1. Portugal

We wouldn’t go as far to call it the shock of the decade, but when Portugal lifted the Euro trophy back in 2016 it almost seemed surreal. Yes they have an absolute superstar in Cristiano Ronaldo, but the rest of the team aren’t exactly the best in the world. With that said, one cannot take away the fact that they played with incredible heart and passion when they lifted the trophy 4 years ago, and they could well replicate this again this year.

Interestingly enough, they have been drawn in the same group as France, so there will be fireworks as soon as the tournament begins.

  1. Croatia

Besides the fact that Croatia were runners-up in the World Cup, which is already extremely impressive, they are a team of star players and they have great chemistry. They have some serious players in their squad like Modric and Mandzukic, and these guys could make all the difference in this year's event.

Croatia are actually in the same group as England, so when they play this will be a repeat of the World Cup semi-final, which is a great way to kick off their tournament campaign.

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