Tips To Become A Better Bettor At Soccer

By Staff Reporter - 10 October 2020

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Gambling, including sports betting, is always a game played by chance. There is no hidden “trick” to ensure you win all the time without cheating. With that being said, there are ways to at least increase your chances of winning, and those are the things that you need to master. So, while playing this game is still mainly about chance and luck, you let yourself to be more in control by playing with the odds and not letting the odds play you.

If you have not chosen your online bookie yet, reading on recommendations and ratings online might help you choose one. Sites like bet enemy offer a list of the top-rated and most-reviewed bookie sites and apps that you can browse anytime.

While you are on that, here are some of the top tips that can help you become better at betting on soccer.

Be an expert at the sport

Knowing anything about how soccer is played and how things work for the sport is not a requirement to bet. After all, the bookies would not give you a quiz or a test of your soccer knowledge before they accept your bet or your deposit to your wallet. However, if you want to become a better soccer bettor, knowing the sport inside and out is a helpful thing.

If you know how the sport is played, how strategies work, and even the history of the top teams and players, you would be able to formulate a betting strategy based not only on the given odds and lines by the bookies but also based on your prediction for the game. Overall, this would lead to you making more strategized bets and increased chances of making a winning wager.

Stop believing in betting and sport myths

Myths are the worst, even in the world of sports betting. There are always passed on from one victim to another, and they just could not die out. Not only are these myths not going to help you out in any way, but they would also more likely even put your bets at risk.

Take, for example, one popular myth that says to always bet on the favorites. This stemmed from the usual situation that the “favorites” are the team with the most advantage when it comes to stats and history. However, it has long been proven (repeatedly!) that the favorite team does not always win. Imagine always betting on the favorites thinking you would land a definite win, but then realize that there is no such thing as a “sure win” with this myth.

Rather than believing myths, it would be helpful to read on betting advice that would help you formulate better strategies and help you develop a better approach to reading the odds and lines.

Always shop around

If you are still unaware of this betting lingo, shopping around means to look at odds and lines for each game across different sportsbooks. The purpose of this is so that you would know where it is best to place your bets, especially for people who are wagering through multiple bookies.

Back in the day, this is also something that some people do. However, it was something that needed a lot of dedication and effort to do, as you would need to physically move from one sportsbook to another to takes look and analyze the odds and lines they are offering. Now, shopping around can be done through a simple scrolling of a site or a download of an app. So, there is no reason for you not to shop around for the best odds and lines to maximize possible profits for your wagers.

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