Top 8 Gambling Destinations Around the World

By Jamie Hill - 19 September 2019


Gambling is a pastime that people have enjoyed for centuries. However, in recent decades, as the popularity of gambling has grown, many casinos and gambling locations have tightened up rules in order to make the games safer and more fun.

If you live in a place where gambling is illegal or if your home is nowhere close to a casino, travel might be your only chance to bet some money.

Vacations are enjoyable no matter where you go, so it might be worth exploring different locations around the world where you can gamble, relax, and enjoy delicious meals.

Especially for families with children or if not everyone is of gambling age, it is essential to find places that appeal to all ages.

World travelers, or those who haven’t left their home country, might each enjoy a trip to one of these eight exciting gambling destinations.

1. Singapore

The Republic of Singapore may be home to only a few casinos, but gambling is a massive part of the city-state.

A few years ago the government lifted a statewide ban on casinos, making it a place tourists are itching to visit. There is also a Singaporean lottery, known as the Singapore Pools. It is one of the most popular methods that residents choose to gamble.

Residents of Singapore make up the majority of gamblers in casinos, but tourists are now realizing just how much gambling the small city-state has to offer.

Marina Bay is the largest gambling destination in Singapore with six gambling locations and a wide variety of casino games. Visitors can also enjoy many fancy shops where they can buy designer brands and stay in style. Great guide to Singapore gambling scene here.

The gambling industry is rapidly increasing in Singapore, making it a place for both Singaporeans and tourists to enjoy.

2. The Bahamas

The Bahamas might not be the first location that comes to mind when you are ready to gamble, but it houses sites for gamblers of all interests to enjoy.

Most of the millions of visitors are attracted to the sunny weather and Carribean waters. With so many tourists each year, gambling has become a great source of revenue.

Tourists are the only legal source of gambling revenue in the Bahamas.

Gambling is entirely illegal for its permanent residents, so all casinos in the Bahamas are built with the enjoyment of foreigners in mind.

Online gambling is also illegal in the Bahamas, but some offshore accounts do accept its residents.

While Bahamians might have to search for the perfect online casino, tourists can take a quick stop to one of its elaborate resorts.

3. Australia

Gambling is a multi-billion dollar industry in Australia; its residents spend much of their leisure time in casinos and sports betting.

There are over 20 full casinos across Australia for visitors and residents to enjoy. There are also some smaller gambling sites with slot machines and video poker.

Australians love to play the lottery even more than they enjoy playing the slots. Sports betting is allowed both on land and online in the country.

A trip to Australia will likely involve a stop at a greyhound race, which is a vast form of betting entertainment.

Vacationing in the Land Down Under is a great way to get in a little gambling. And the best thing? Gamlbing age in Australia is only 18

4. Las Vegas, United States

Las Vegas is the hottest gambling spot in the US and one of the biggest in the world. Grandiose hotel-casinos seem to touch the sky while lights illuminate the famous Strip.

Professional gamblers play at the high stakes tables while recreational players enjoy slots and lower stakes table games. 

According to Lucian Marinescu at Online Casino Gems, Vegas is about a lot more than just gambling. “When I tell my friends that Vegas is a family destination, I can see the disbelief in their eyes. Whereas Vegas started as the gambling capital of the world, today you can do so much more. From 3 star Michelin restaurants to immersive Virtual Reality experiences, stunning shows (and not just Cirque du Soleil!), there’s something great in Vegas for everyone.”

There are also options for the non-gambling crowd. Shows and lavish dining options, boutique shopping, and great nightlife are all a part of the Las Vegas lifestyle. Not to mention the fact that Vegas is home to some of the greatest casinos in the world.

You can see famous sights from around the world all in one city and explore the many gambling options while you’re at it.

5. London, England

London is home to 29 casinos and nearly 700 casino games for the pleasure of tourists. They boast poker and blackjack tables along with slots and other exciting forms of betting.

Although England does not typically offer hotel-casino combinations, casinos do offer memberships for short periods so you can earn bonuses during your trip.

After a long day of walking from tourist attraction to tourist attraction, you can take a load off by playing a few fun slots.

Spring and summer are the best times of the year to take a trip to this historic city. The weather is the best at that time, and most locals are also on vacation!

6. Macau, China

The casinos in Macau have recently exceeded the yearly number of gamblers and revenue that Las Vegas attracts.

Casinos initially were built in the city to draw in wealthier crowds in an attempt to clean up the streets. High rollers boosted the gambling economy.

Now, there are Vegas-style casinos in Macau that have surpassed their American counterparts. They attract more than just wealthy crowds.

Tourists and locals alike enjoy the slots and table games. Macao is still improving the live shows that offered, but gambling is already a huge attraction.

7. Sun City, South Africa

If you have ever wanted to take a trip to Africa, Sun City in South Africa might be the place to start.

The Sun City resort and casino contains card tables, slot machines, and roulette for visitors to enjoy.  There are multiple options of casinos on the property. Some allow smoking and other nonsmoking to cater to everyone’s needs.

There are games for every player, not just recreational players or professionals, and many non-gambling activities.

8. Atlantic City, United States

Atlantic City, New Jersey is the Las Vegas of the east coast. It is the only location in the state where casino gambling is allowed.

Furthermore, all online casinos in New Jersey are required to have an office located in Atlantic City, making online gambling legal all over the state.

There is so much to do during a trip to AC in addition to gambling. Enjoy delicious meals, spend time shopping, or join the audience of a spectacular show. The booming gambling industry provides much of the money for everything AC offers.

There are also beaches to relax on just a short walk from some of the hotel-casinos. Get some sun and play some games to make the most out of Atlantic City.

No matter what type of gambling you enjoy, there are so many locations around the world to visit. Enjoy the elaborate sights and the new surroundings of an exciting place and maybe try your chances at a gambling table while you are at it.

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