The Future is Mobile: Why are Mobile Casinos so Popular?

By Staff Reporter - 15 January 2021


Whilst online real money casino games are still being made for desktop usage, the rise of mobile casinos and games is undeniable. This is not limited to the UK, but is a world-wide phenomenon, with countries like Canada experiencing a higher demand for mobile casino especially among females. Bearing this in mind, are mobile casinos are pointing towards a new era of online gambling?

Is the Hype Real?

We’ll start this one off by asking you whether you believe the mobile casinos are worthy of the hype. If you want our opinion, we do believe that real money mobile games and casinos merit the excitement and the buzz surrounding them for a number of reasons.

As far as numbers and figures go, the Canadian gambling scene is currently making around $31 million dollars in annual revenue with $14 billion per year in purchased services. HLT Advisory gathered this information as part of a study carried out in collaboration with the Canadian Gaming Association. 

According to the results, the growth of online gaming in Canada continued to reach unprecedented heights due to the mass adoption of mobile technology. Particularly, iOS and Android devices stood out. On top of that, the development of 4G and 5G technologies is also contributing to the rapid growth between Canada and North America.

Online casino specialist Charlotte Fitzgerald says: “From the patterns we can see on site, Canadian players are gradually migrating to mobile play. But the ladies seem to prefer their mobile devices even more, as 55% of our female players choose a mobile platform.” She goes on to say that she expects the mobile market to surpass the desktop usage in the very near future. This is a common belief between numerous casino experts, considering the fact that more and more users are opting to use their mobiles to play casino games.

Given that mobile casinos can accessed anywhere, no matter where you are in the world, is a plus. That’s right; you can play the very same casino games you play on your desktop right in the palm of your hand. Whether you’re on your morning commute or on an exotic beach, all you have to do is whip out your phone and just pocket it when you’re done. It’s that simple!

What we also like about mobile casinos is that they work just as good as the desktop version – if not better. In fact, mobile games tend to be more powerful since require faster broadband and cutting edge technologies such as HTML5, whereas desktop casino games are only powered by Flash.

Naturally, it also goes without saying that a great software provider can make all the difference in the world. Names like NetEnt, Red Tiger, Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, Quickspin, Play ‘N Go, Playson and many others certainly need to introduction. Canadian players who have experienced what its like to play games created by these gaming giants know exactly what we’re talking about.

We also cannot forget about the general design of mobile interface. If you compare the two – mobile and desktop, you won’t find any notable difference. Everything remains the same; the menu bar, gaming lobby, bonuses and so on. However, designers make it a point to optimise the desktop version for mobile usage as efficiently as possible. This means that the graphics, visuals and all the little details are executed to perfection.

From all this, we can conclude that casino providers cannot afford to launch a casino platform without launching a mobile site that complements it. If you’re looking for more reasons as to why you should sign up to a mobile casino, check out what we have to say in the next section.

The Advantages of Signing Up to a Mobile Casino

Following our extensive overview of mobile casinos, we will now proceed to discuss what makes them so great by touching on some key factors.


We’ve briefly touched on this one in the previous section. In short, we think that this is the ultimate deal breaker. Although laptops are lighter nowadays, you simply can’t beat a smartphone in terms of portability. iOS and Android users in Canada and the rest of the world now have the luxury of being able to access superb mobile casino games from an app or a browser.

Over time, things just got better and better. Back when Microgaming launched the very first mobile software in 2004, big plans were already in the pipeline. Fast forward a few years, the mobile market is dominating the online casino world.  


Can’t afford a luxurious trip to Vegas? Don’t fancy dressing up to go to your local casino? No problem! Mobile casinos make it easy for you to simply enjoy real money gambling from the comfort of your home or in your favourite Swindon pub. All you need is a great smartphone and a strong and secure internet connection and you’re good to go!

Rest assured that all Canadian players who decide to play casino games on their phones can enjoy the same experience. In short, at no point will your experience be compromised in any way. You can still enjoy the same games, win prizes and take advantage of an up close and personal casino experience that comes close to that of a land-based venue.

Highly Advanced Technology

Mobile casinos bring something more exciting to the table. Given that these games are powered by higher technologies, it’s very easy for the user to be fully immersed into a highly interactive environment. We’re talking sharp graphics, compelling features, a faster connection and an overall memorable experience.

Just think of all those classic moments in your favourite games – the roulette wheel spinning, the shuffling of cards, tensions running high…you can experience all that and more in numerous mobile casino games.

Especially when you consider leading providers like NetEnt follow mobile-first approach, you know the company is doing something right here to accommodate all markets. This means that all games undergo rigorous testing on both mobile and desktop devices before they are released to the public.

User-Friendly Features

Think of a mobile casino site as an extension of the desktop version. Everything remains the same, with the only difference is the device you’re using. Other than that, mobile devices promise the ultimate casino experience that every Canadian player deserves.

This includes enhanced navigation, the same menus and gaming lobby, along with important call to action buttons such as ‘Login/Sign UP’ ‘Claim your Welcome Bonus Now’ etc. Simply put, all features listed on the desktop version remain the same, with the only difference being that they are optimised for mobile usage.

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