5 Best Travel Destinations For WanderersThis Monsoon

By Swindon Link - 3 July 2023


During the rainy season, many people tend to refrain from going out and decide to stay indoors. However, there are some destinations in the world that are most alive during the monsoon. From lush landscapes to tumbling waterfalls, these sites offer unique attractions that are best accomplished when the rain is pouring

If you love the rain and want to explore attractive destinations during the monsoon, here is an apt travel guide for you to explore the top 5 destinations to be visited during the monsoon.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a Central American jewel with abundant rainfall year-round. During the rainy season, the rainforest is teeming with life, and the environment is home to vibrant flora and fauna. Explore Monteverde's misty cloud forest, experience the elegant Arenal Volcano shrouded in clouds, and soak in natural hot springs. The country is home to numerous national parks and game reserves for exciting hikes and wildlife viewing. Don't miss the chance to see sea turtles nesting on the beach this time of year.

India, Kerala

Known as the 'God's Land', Kerala is a tropical paradise that verily blooms during the monsoon season. Lush green tea and spice plantations, quiet backwaters and misty hills are the perfect destinations for nature admirers. The beauty of this rain-soaked region is enriched by traditional Ayurvedic treatments, restorative spas and boat trips around the emerald backwaters. Look for the magic of Kerala's monsoons by watching a snake boat race and enjoying delicious local cuisine.


Iceland is a travel destination known for its operatic landscapes and amazing natural wonders. There is rain throughout the year, but summers are milder and have longer sunshine hours. At this time of year, the waterfalls are more powerful and the lush green valleys and rugged volcanic terrain contrast beautifully. Explore the Golden Circle, see the breathtaking Seljalandsfoss and Skogafoss waterfalls, and drench in the mineral-rich Blue Lagoon hot springs. Watching the Northern Lights dance against a backdrop of downfall is a memorable experience.


Japan is known for its cherry blossoms during the time of spring, but the rainy season or the monsoon, known as tsuyu, also has its own charm. The rain creates a romantic atmosphere, driving away the crowds and allowing you to fancy the beauty of Japan in a quiet environment. Visit the momentous city of Kyoto and examine temples, gardens and bamboo groves while listening to the soothing sound of rain falling on the rooftops. Enjoy a customary tea ceremony experience and appetizing street food.


Scotland's hardened landscapes and mysterious castles transform into a fairytale backdrop during the rainy season. Mist-covered mountains, picturesque lakes and tumbling waterfalls bring about a magical atmosphere that enchants all who visit. Explore the Isle of Skye with its theatrical cliffs and antique ruins, hike the appealing Glen Coe and visit the famous Eilean Donan Castle. Despite the rain, spend a lazy afternoon in a conventional Scottish pub enjoying hot soup and listening to traditional tunes played by local musicians.

Bottom Line

Here are 5 destinations where you can experience something unique at the time of the rainy season. Don't let the rain spoil your mood. Instead, enjoy the beauty of these destinations and catalyze lasting memories in the raindrops. 

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