Car rental Schiphol airport: lift off and drive off!

By Jamie Hill - 18 January 2021


Who does not enjoy a holiday? Nothing is more relaxing then traveling to an unknown place and enjoying local foods, culture and heritage. However, traveling also comes with hassle. Which flight do you need to pick? How do you want to travel? What are the options at hand?

Which options are considered cost-effective? When you want to travel to The Netherlands there is one thing we can tell you: use car rental Schiphol airport. This is an effective service from the largest airport of the country allowing you to start your holiday within a blink of an eye.


Why travel from Schiphol airport?

When you consider a holiday to The Netherlands or Europe, Amsterdam is a good place to start. The airport is well connected to the world and on the ground there are multiple options to consider when arriving. For example, there is a sound public transport network that can be leveraged. Ranging from direct trains to Paris and London to local trains taking you to Rotterdam and Utrecht. Another cost-effective option is car rental Schiphol airport.

Renting a car makes you flexible

Renting a car from the airport makes you more flexible. Good to note: when traveling from Amsterdam with multiple people, it is often cheaper to choose a car over the public transport. Let alone that it also provides a lot more comfort than traveling by train! After the pandemic swept across the continents, it is also considered a preferred safe method among many travellers.


The Netherlands offers other options as well

Although car rental Schiphol airport is a solid option to start your travels, it is not the only one. Throughout the country there are options available to rent a car and get your journey started. When you are looking for cost-effective options, Eindhoven would be a solid options. In the southern part of the country, you can find the smaller regional airport of Eindhoven. There are many flights arriving from Europe from carriers such as Ryan Air and Transavia.

Renting a car from Eindhoven

If you want to rent a car Eindhoven airport you can expect to have an attractive offer from one of the companies active there. The cost for the rental companies are lower compared to Schiphol airport, making it possible to have better deals.

Valet rental is available

There is also valet rental available. This means that when you rent a car Eindhoven airport, you can immediately hop in when you exit the terminal building. There will be a representative of the company waiting for you and after a quick checklist you are ready to go. As the airport is relatively small, you can start driving away after less than fifteen minutes upon arrival. Talking about convenience! Enjoy the ride.

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