Swindon town centre bus stops to be moved

By Jessica Durston - 10 August 2022


Due to the works that will be taking place this September, Fleming Way will be closed, and town centre bus stops will be moved.

  • New bus stop map

    New bus stop map

From 4 September, Fleming Way will be shut for two years whilst major restructuring of the area is undertaken.
As a result of these works, Swindon's Bus Company has confirmed all buses will use different bus stops.
There will not be as much space available as in Fleming Way, therefore customers are advised to clearly signal by putting their hand out for the bus that they want to stop.
On the same date in September, many routes will have timetable changes. Swindon's Bus Company says more details will be available about those towards the end of August.

Swindon’s Bus Company general manager, Alex Chutter said: “All of our buses in this area will use different stops from 4 September.

“It’s also important to note that the new stops won’t have as much room as previously in Fleming Way - so we’re advising our customers to clearly signal for our buses to stop by putting out their hand. We’d like to thank those travelling with us for their co-operation whilst these measures are in place.”

Those travelling on public transport can go online to the bus company's website for details on where they need to catch their bus whilst the redevelopment takes place: https://www.swindonbus.co.uk/town-centre-bus-stops-are-moving?fbclid=IwAR2kjJdCf-60K4S_2T4bnxlYL18Yursp4A7UfW-13IzJaGEksKp4thDf3L0

More information about Swindon's Bus Company can be found at swindonbus.co.uk


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