Swindon man travelled Italy for a month and shares the hidden gems you should visit

By Jamie Hill - 9 October 2023


“I travelled Italy for a month and these are the hidden gems you should visit!”

With Italy being one of the most popular destinations for tourists to visit, online travel booking website, Omio, has spoken exclusively to Tommy Hatto, a 28-year-old Actor from Swindon and Founder of wellbeing company, THO, who spent his summer travelling the country. 

From sharing hidden gems that everyone must add to their itinerary to offering budget and planning tips, Tommy explains all: 

“Travel is one of my passions and I encourage anyone to travel. It really has helped me grow so much as a person, and it's hugely supported my own wellbeing.

This summer, I spent 4 weeks in Italy, visiting Rome, Sorrento, Amalfi Coast, Capri, Florence, Tuscany and Sicily.

My favourite places were Capri and the Amalfi Coast. To me, these just bring that whole classic Italian vibe to life. I'm a big ocean guy, so getting to swim in crystal clear blue waters and sailing around Capri on a yacht was absolutely an incredible experience. Some of my favourite memories of heading down to the quiet bays in the evening and going for late-night swims just brought so much peace.”

The must-see activities and hidden gems to add to your itinerary! 


  1.  “Tour the island of Capri by boat. It's definitely worth the money, as you'll get to stop off and go swimming in the sea. You can either charter a boat yourself, or if you're on a budget, then they do shared tours, which are just as good.”

  2.  “Do a wine tour of a vineyard in Tuscany. The landscapes are incredibly beautiful, and getting out in the countryside was so good for my mental health.”

  3. “Walk around Florence at dusk.”

  4. “Swim in the pristine waters of Sicily.”

  5. Eat loads of Italian food - I'm a seafood lover, so I was in heaven!”

“As for hidden gems, there are quite a few quiet bays in Capri that the locals use. I'd recommend finding some quiet ones and away from the main lagoons. It's just so peaceful getting to swim at dusk and evening time when the weather isn't so hot.”

Top tips for travelling Italy on a budget

“I can speak semi-fluent Italian, something I started learning after my first few trips to Italy. I think having a basic understanding of the language can really go a long way, and could actually save you money! We've got free drinks just from having great conversations with the locals and making friends. You never know how it can come in useful in the future!

Also, don't just go and see the typical tourist sites if they aren't high on your priority list. I didn't end up seeing the Blue Grotto because I actually wasn't too fussed about seeing it versus what you would pay and the time taken up. I love walking and exploring the cities opposed to catching public transport, as I find myself finding local cafes and streets, which I never would have stumbled across before.”

How to plan a month-long trip

Fitting in so many destinations in one trip does require planning, and Tommy shares insight into how he plans his: 

“When I plan trips away, I always try to have a mix between city exploring and then beach relaxing, so that's how it was decided. So it was a case of city exploring in Rome and Florence, but those relaxing coastal breaks in between, such as Capri and Sicily.

Prior to going abroad, I was also looking at how much it would cost to travel from each place to the next so that played a factor in the plan as well. Whilst I was there, I used public transport to get out and about, including the train and bus!”


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