Best places to charter a yacht

By Swindon Link - 27 March 2023


The greatest journey you could give yourself as a present for any vacation is renting a yacht.

There are beautiful and exotic places worldwide, which you could easily visit and explore through yacht chartering. However, this vessel is very particular in terms of crew, size, acceleration and other features. Therefore, the destination and locations to charter a yacht must be considered wisely, and the trips between different places during the rental period must be planned. Although the time may restrict you, renting a cruise would allow you to enjoy yourself to the fullest extent.

Preferable destinations to hire a yacht?

Usually, a vacation on board is considered the best way to relax and enjoy the sunset from a sea point of view. Thus, these are some of the preferred places when you rent a yacht:

  • Europe — the northern part of the Old Continent has amazing views and landscapes that may take your breath away.
  • Atlantic Ocean — places that are far away from civilization are always enigmatic and marvellous to visit.
  •  Asia — amongst the ancient cultures, there are many seascapes to be explored.
  • Indian Ocean — there exist many islands with inspiring nature.

Each continent possesses its distinctive features.

Hire a vessel in Croatia.

One of the most famous destinations in Europe is the country of Croatia. Once you hire a yacht, you can visit some amazing architectural and well-preserved parts of its cities and towns. Moreover, the options to rent a boat vary in terms of various types of watercrafts you could arrange depending on the structure of trips planned. Hiring a crewed charter is recommended because you could experience the vacation better. Some of the cities offer traditional cuisine and the option to step foot on the ground to taste the best of it. The Balkan culture is not to be missed, if you can afford such a trip.

Hire a yacht around South Italy.

The Ex-Roman Empire is another considerable place that you need to visit once you are provided with the opportunity to hire a sailing vessel. The south part is quite popular with its cliffs, ancient villages and long coastlines. The well-known part of Italy is also the Amalfi Coast, where you would dive into the amazing riffs, ancient natural seascapes and the modernised structure of Italian culture. There are also various locations where you could book your charter for a week, which is usually offered by most of the rental companies once you can hire a boat.

The charter trips around Greece.

By choosing this lovely travel centre, you need to be aware of the greatness of the Archipelagos islands, but also the traffic of other boats because the place is highly visited. Hiring a vessel and visiting the isles is a great step in your personal life. Moreover, this location is highly recommended and is full of caves, islets, ports, parks and other magnificent architectural and natural tunings. The charter of any type of watercraft is worth the time and the means because the views and the other additional parts of the country would leave a remarkable sign in your memory that may last for a lifetime.

Rent your yacht to visit Thailand.

It is considered the best destination where you can rent a vessel charter during a remarkable vacation. The sandy beaches and the long coastlines would leave you speechless despite the many restrictions the country has put into law. The hot temperatures and the amazing sceneries will contribute to your break because this spot is well-preserved and cherished by its habitants. The oriental culture will leave an extraordinary memory in your mind, provide outstanding moments to your journey and prove that the rent of your vessel is worth it.

Hire a boat for the Bahamas.

This is the spot that has the best climate conditions on Earth, which guarantees that your vacation will be unforgettable and will maintain your stay exciting. The opportunity to enjoy the natural coral riffs and other seascapes should not be left apart. Once you rent your watercraft, the inspiring surroundings will take you to another level. The paradise on this planet is well-expressed by its separate spot, and you need to explore it from your boat, either by renting or personally owning.

Rent your yacht in Seychelles.

Another exotic spot that is well-known for its seascapes is the separated islands of Seychelles. This location is considered one of the most beautiful ones worldwide. In addition, it is an African territory, which is considered a highly profitable destination. It contains a mixture of different cultures involving Great Britain, Africa, France and some oriental notes of China and India. The opportunity to hire a vessel should not be set aside because it may be once in a lifetime due to the monetary issue and the weather conditions once you charter the favourable vessel.

Affordable locations to hire a yacht?

The term “cheap” does not refer to a cruise by boat. Most of the locations require plane tickets and hotel stay as well. Therefore, the budget may expand by the time you hire a certain boat charter. If you have planned to explore and experience the most, the best and to the fullest extent, the monetary “problem” may be easily excused by the pictures you took and also the feelings you have “suffered” during the vacation. Locations in Europe may surprise you in terms of prices for rent because the farther you go the more you need to spend as a total. However, rent wisely and review all the charter options provided.

Go on your private journey.

Once you have selected where you will spend the vacation, there are a few more steps to complete. The charter includes most of the features necessary, but you need to be aware of additional costs such as pocket money and other possible expenses, if you would like to visit more places on the soil. It is also advisable to sail within the boundaries of the GPS navigation provided if you are the skipper because “private” does mean rent and go wherever you want, but where is planned by the agency you hire. The boat that you will rent will be your weekly apartment, and you have to adapt to it in the best way possible.

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