Family looking forward to visit from BBC’s Garden Rescue team

By Ben Fitzgerald - 8 July 2019


Mum Nicky Burn and her family are looking forward to enjoying the summer in her Royal Wootton Bassett garden when it gets a makeover by the BBC’s Garden Rescue team.

Nicky, 47, lives in Royal Wootton Basset with her daughters Leah, Ella, Katie and son Sam.

“I’m on my own, with one income and always trying to do stuff in the house, said Nicky, who works in dentistry as a trainer.

“Every summer I look out to our garden and want to do something with it, there’s no seating area, no path, no flowers – but it is expensive and difficult to find the time when you work full-time.”

Later this month her garden will be completely re-designed as part of the popular BBC programme Garden Rescue.

“I’d been saving some money anyway to do the garden, then I saw an advert asking people to apply for the programme, so I thought why not? I’m usually quite lucky with competitions and things,” says Nicky. “I’m really excited to be part of the show and for when they come and film, I’ve told the neighbours and my kids are excited. I’ve got a budget for the work and they supply all the design, labour and tools.”

Two Garden Rescue presenters – Charlie Dimmock, one of TV’s most popular gardeners, and the award-winning Rich brothers  – will both pitch their designs against each other to build Nicky her dream garden.

“I would like some patio or decking and I want it to be low maintenance, Nicky says. “I would like some colour too as there’s no colour at all. I also quite like gnomes. I’m not a crazy gnome woman! But I do like them. My children bought me two on Mother’s Day ready to go in the new garden when its finished.”

A close family, Nicky is keen for her children to be involved and they will help pick which design to go for. Nicky and her children won’t be able to see their garden until it is unveiled.

Daughter Leah (pictured first on right) 18, thinks the new garden will make a big difference. “I think it will have a positive impact on us as a family, being able to actually use our garden. I’d like to see some decking or a patio that we can sit out on.”

Speaking about being on the programme she said: “It doesn’t feel quite real at the minute! It will be interesting when the crew arrive and to see how it all works. I imagine our house will be busy for a few days, but it will be worth it. Having a proper garden will make Mum happier too, and she can find time to relax in it.”

The programme is expected to air next summer.

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