Six tips not to miss when betting online

By Jamie Hill - 14 June 2019

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Online betting is undoubtedly gaining popularity in various parts of Asia and all across the globe, thanks to the easy wagering process and competitive winning chances. The thrill that comes with betting is unmatched and the experience is just getting better as gamblers stand a chance to win lots of money supporting their favorite sports. In order to win with any sports betting, there are certain rules that must be observed otherwise, success will be hard to come by. Below are the 6 tips you would want to go through before placing a bet with the online bookmakers.

Choose your betting site keenly

This is a no brainer since the top-rated betting sites will guarantee the best of betting and winning experiences. The sports betting landscape in Indonesia are well-defined and the industry is enjoying a substantial share of the national economy. By choosing the best site, you’ll find attractive odds, lucrative bonuses and free bets to maximize your winning chances. According to Judi Slot Online, the best way to convert your winning chances is to first pick your favorite sport and devise a betting strategy. Most sites would often have different sports and casino games to bet on. To avoid losing your hard earned money, it’s advisable to stick with those sports you’re familiar with.

Avoid sucker bets

As the name suggests, sucker bets are those bets that look mediocre from the word go. Bets with slim odds or those that are over sanitized to reduce risks can be termed as sucker bets. They will not only waste your time but also rob you of the precious opportunity you could have converted with other bets. The best way to avoid these types of bets is to shop around for the best odds, sports and betting markets before making up your mind.

Avoid superstition

Betting and gambling can be defined differently but the goal remains the same- you want to win and beat the house. One of the biggest gambling sins is superstition. The notion that certain things happen because you had a dream or things of that sort have no place in gambling. Another common form of superstition is making a decision based on shallow factors such as your favorite number or color. This will only work against you in the long run. Instead of being superstitious, choose to be realistic and logical in your reasoning. Study the game and learn the rules before placing a bet.

Understand the betting markets

More often, a sporting event will have different betting markets to ensure bettors choose what they want depending on their taste and preferences. To be on the safer side, always choose a sport with betting markets that are varied so that your betting options are unlimited. Here, you’ll also have some better chances of winning since you can navigate the betting markets and carve out the best odds through cumulative bets. Before choosing a betting market, seek to understand what each market entails, then pick one based on your preferences; available stake and expected winnings.

Maintain your gambling discipline

Betting is a form of gambling and discipline is always a priority. Betting can be as addictive as any other behavior, but with proper finesse; you can turn things in your favor. One of the gambling disciplines is to bet with the amount you can afford to lose. Regardless of the odds or even the teams participating in the sporting event, betting is always a gamble and anything is possible. The first step to maintaining your discipline is to come up with a sustainable bankroll and setting a minimum and maximum amount to stake with. This way, you’ll always have two limiting amounts to stick with regardless of the situation.

Make use of free bets and bonuses

The advantage of choosing the best online betting sites is the presence of free bets and bonuses. Smart gamblers know that free bets can bring in huge fortunes when used properly. Certain sites have demo accounts for new members where they can practice and work out their betting strategies before betting with real money. This also is beneficial since you don’t get to risk your stake before understanding the betting procedures and knowing what really works for you. The best way to maximize free bets and bonuses is to use with those sports and events you normally bet on. This will increase your winning chances and at the same time boost your confidence to bet with your own money.


If you’re to enjoy some consistent winnings when betting online, always stick with the above six tips. Every gambler wants to win big regardless of the amount they have used to place a wager and has sometimes been too good to be true. A winning strategy would always be realistic and will factor in a number of factors such as the maximum and minimum stake or even the betting frequency.

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