Foodbank boost reflects Hindu tradition

By Barrie Hudson - 31 July 2020


A charity helped to replenish Swindon foodbanks as a way of emphasising a key tenet of the Hindu faith.

  • The food delivered by the charity will be used to help needy people

    The food delivered by the charity will be used to help needy people

Sewa Day - - is named for an international day of volunteering, and takes place on several days of the year.
The South West England & Wales Zonal coordinator of Sewa Day is Ashish Channawar, who explained: "Sewa is a Sanskrit word which propagates the Hindu value of 'selfless service. 
"We have been doing many Sewa projects and regular activities for many years in the zone.
"During these difficult times of pandemic, our 200-plus strong team of volunteers across the South West England and Wales zone has stepped up to help more, and we have picked up many activities across the zone like helping elderly people and families in isolation with essential grocery shopping and pharmacy runs, hot food supply to front-liners etc. 
"In Swindon, it is known that the food bank demand tripled since the start of covid lockdown. 
"Without any big grants or financial support, our local food banks need us more than ever for the supply. 
"Hence we decided to initiate a Sewa project to replenish Swindon Food Collective, our local food bank. 
"We aim to supply nutritious and healthy food items and fruit to the food bank. 
"We delivered the first stock of food items on Thursday, 30 July - 38 trays full of healthy and nutritious food items weighed to a total of 585 kilograms.'
Collective manager Cher Smith was on hand to thank the Sewa Day team - who promised to return with more.

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