Firefighters' warning after disposable vape causes blaze

By Barrie Hudson - 9 March 2023


Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service has issued a warning about the dangers of disposable vapes.

The service spoke out after being called to a Wiltshire house fire caused by one of the devices.

housefire in Wiltshire 

Firefighters discovered a blaze in a bedroom on the first floor, and two crew members in breathing apparatus extinguished the flames.

Station Manager Darren Masini said: “The fire started after an attempt to recharge a disposable vape caused it to explode.  One of the occupants heard the explosion and raised the alarm, calling us for help. The occupants were extremely lucky to avoid injury following this fire. 

“Single use e-cigarettes or ‘vapes’ are not designed to be recharged as they do not have the correct safety systems.

"These disposable models should only be used once.”  

The service issued safety advice for e-cigarette users:

- Never leave e-cigarettes on charge and unattended for long periods, and never leave a device on charge overnight

- Don’t mix components of different e-cigarettes

- Only use the charger supplied

- Ensure that you purchase your e-cigarette from a reputable source

- Check the e-cigarette carries CE certification

- Follow the manufacturer’s guidance

- Never charge e-cigarettes near or on combustible or flammable materials

- Contact Trading Standards over any e-cigarette safety concerns

Further advice can be found at

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