Planning a Honeymoon Just as Glamorous as Your Wedding

By Staff Reporter - 24 May 2018


Planning the wedding of your dreams can be bittersweet and the same can be said when it comes to organizing the honeymoon. There are so many things to consider such as where you want to wake up a day or two after your wedding, whether you want to wake up to cocktails or champagne, and whether you’d rather be skiing in the alps or cuddling on a beach. After a glam wedding, what better icing on the cake is there than an equally fabulous honeymoon? If you’re trying to throw one together, then you might want to find out more information on the ideal honeymoon destination by visiting Choose an Ideal Destination There are so many honeymoon destinations around the world for you to choose from. Before choosing, however, you should think about what your ideal honeymoon looks like. Consider having a conversation with your partner regarding what kind of weather you’d want to experience, what ambiance you’d like, and what kind of things you would both be interested in getting up to. You can then researchdestinations that fit into those criteria. New research conducted by travel experts shows that the top three honeymoon destinations are Maldives, Mauritius, and Aruba. This could be because they’re exotic, offer a level of luxury and also have good weather most of the time. The destination you choose should align with the vision you have for an unforgettable honeymoon. Do a Little Research Before going all out and planning a glamorous honeymoon, you should ask around and see what other people’s experiences have been. Ask a few friends where they went and how the experience was. 48% of people’s honeymoon choice was basedon recommendations from friends and family. Another 26% were inspired by social media, while wedding magazines were the third runner-upat 20%. By getting a second opinion, you’re also more likely to get a better feel regarding whether it would be something you’d enjoy or not. You can also check online and see reviews as well as check out the best airlines to fly with and hotels to stay in. If you’re going for glam, then it’s best to look at four or five-starhotels as well as getting on a comfy flight. You should also look for deals and find out the best time to book flights to save money. Agree on Activities Unless you intend on sleeping through your honeymoon, you’ll need to think about what exactly you’ll be doing while at your destination. No matter what destination you choose, there are so many things that you can get up to, so perhaps think about what your hobbies are. An infographic by Opodo shows that visiting the beach, sight-seeing, going to the spa, or visiting the safari arethe most preferred activities for couples, while volunteering was the least preferred activity. The sort of activities you decide to do should inform your decision on where you’ll go on honeymoon. Talking about this beforehand is also important in order tomake sure you’re on the same page. The ultimate goal should be to have the honeymoon of your dreams at an unforgettable destination.  

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