The 3 Biggest Casino Cheaters of All Time

By Staff Reporter - 3 August 2020

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We all know that casinos have the strictest policies and most innovative security systems. You would have to be a little bit crazy to try to cheat in a casino. Furthermore, you would have to be somewhat of a genius in order to succeed at cheating. No matter what game we’re talking about, pulling off a big-time casino cheat is nearly impossible.

That’s why the ones who have succeeded deserve a little respect. In fact, they get more than that, there are even movies made about the biggest cheaters of all time. Keep reading for a list of the top casino cheaters in history.

Biggest Casino Cheaters – MIT Blackjack Team

You’ve probably seen, or at least hear of the movie- 21 which is about one of the biggest casino cheats of all time. Basically, a group of geeky students at MIT figured out that they could use their incredible math skills to cheat blackjack.

Card counting technically wasn’t illegal at the time, however, casino security doesn’t appreciate card counters. Using several different techniques and even disguising themselves, they were able to avoid getting caught. Their strategies and amazing teamwork allowed them to spend their weekends making thousands of dollars.

The group members increased and changed. They also worked in several different packs. By the end of their run, they had a profit of over $5 million!

Tommy Glenn Carmichael

Over a few decades, Tommy Glenn Carmichael earned millions in Las Vegas. He did it by pulling off one of the largest casino scams in history. Carmichael was a tv repairman that used his skills to rig slot machines to work in his favor.

As casinos made improvements to their slot machines, Carmichael had to change his methods as well. During his time, he was famous and even joined forces with other cheaters as well. After getting caught a few times and serving jail time, he ended up working with casinos to develop anti-cheating innovations. It’s possible that his ideas are used in slots NZ we play today!

Richard Marcus

Richard Marcus spent over 20 years playing in Las Vegas and developing tricks to cheat casinos out of millions. His biggest move was learning how to win $500,000 on the roulette table while only risking $5 or $10.

Marcus also developed other scams for baccarat, blackjack, poker. He used sleight of hand and psychological tricks to pull off his cheats. Most of the things that he did are not possible online and casinos have probably caught onto them by now.

However, in his time, Marcus was famous. Even after getting arrested several times, the courts were never able to provide proof and charge him. However, he was on the blacklist in most Las Vegas casinos. Since then, he wrote a book about his exploits titled: American Roulette – “How I Turned the Odds Upside Down---My Wild Twenty-Five-Year Ride Ripping Off the World's Casinos”. Which you can purchase on Amazon. Just don’t try what he did!

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