App allows easy bus ticket access for children

By Jessica Durston - 28 July 2021


Swindon's Bus Company has released a new app feature to simplify purchases of child tickets.

The bus company's move is in response to customer feedback, with those travelling by bus in and around the town asking for easy and instant access to child tickets through their mobile devices.  

Swindon’s Bus Company Head of Communications Nikki Honer said: “Adults have been able to buy their tickets through our app for some time, but we know they’ve also been keen to use the same method to pay child fares.

“They may be travelling with a child - or wish to gift a ticket straight from their phone to a youngster. Now they can do either in an instant, thanks to this new addition.”

Child tickets are available to all those aged between 5 and 15 inclusive.

Before activating their first child ticket through the app, customers will be able to verify a child’s identification using a screen shot of a passport or birth certificate and a selfie of the young person concerned. 

Nikki added: “This verification is required because each ticket features a photo of its holder. However, it only has to be done once.

“After that, adults can either continue to buy the tickets on their own app and gift them to a child’s phone - or youngsters can buy directly from their own app. Either way, the new system makes travelling by bus across Swindon easier than ever.”

Swindon’s Bus Company’s new app is available to download on iOS or Android devices.

More information can be found at

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