Voices from The Coronavirus - The different voices from this crisis so far

By Jamie Hill - 12 April 2020


Swindon Link is calling on people from all walks of life to tell us their experiences of the Covid-19 pandemic. So far we have heard from quite a few different people who have had different experiences. But we would definitely like to hear from more of you so please write to us. You can find out more below and here are the voices we've had so far.

31 March - Rosemary Hill tells us of her experience as a 'Grandma in splendid isolation'. Read her experiences here 

1 April - Adam Wilson tells us of the leap of love he's made during the epidemic. Read his experience here

2 April - Marisa Valadas tells us of her experiences in lockdown with two toddlers and how she finds it difficult to cope. Read her experiences here

3 April - Ed Dyer tells of his experiences in the beer industry when his whole working life got changed during the lockdown. Read his experiences here

8 April - Richard Wintle tells of his experiences as a cancer survivor being on lockdown for 12 weeks and how he stays sane. Read his experience here

9 April - Roger Ogle, former Swindon Link owner and owner, tells of his thought processes and experiences during this pandemic. Read his experience here 

10 April - Colin Doubleday tells us how he has gone from a marketing consultant to a shelf stacker during the crisis. Read his experience here

13 April - Carole Bent tries to worry less about everything out of her control and concentrate on what is. Read her experiences here

15 April - Poet Maurice Spillane spends Isolation through poetry, gardening and meticulous planning. Read his experiences here

16 April - Englishman Bill Hill spends the coronavirus pandemic in Japan. Read his experiences here

21 April - Julie Hancock is classed as vulnerable and is keeping sane through her lockdown with the help of hair dye, garden olympics and family. Read her experience here

22 April - Shopkeeper Sunny Patel has been working non-stop since the crisis started and is going out of his way to help as many people as possible. Read his experience here

29 April - 24-year-old Hannah Pakenham talks about life as a furloughed worker in lockdown and finding the bless in the stress. Read her experience here

16 May - Wessex Male Choir makes a fantastic video to sum up their experiences in lockdown. Read their experience here

Swindon Link is calling on its readers to write to us about their experiences for our campaign called 'Voices from The Coronavirus'. The idea is that we can share our experiences underlining that none of us are alone.

We want to hear from you from whatever walk of life you come from to hear how you are dealing with this new reality. Everybody has a story to share from keyworkers to teenagers. It doesn't matter what your writing ability is, the whole point of this is to make sure every voice is heard so that people don't feel that they are battling this alone. We will try to publish your story on our website no matter who you are.

All you have to do is write to us with your experiences to publisher@swindonlink.com. Please make sure that you send a picture of yourself to go with the piece and try and keep it under 500 words. Please also include some basic details about yourself. For more details press here

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